We Buy Cars for CASH!!

Newer - Older - Clunker !? Give us a call... Car must be Running/Current Reg./safety not necessary -
Cash Paid on the spot w/ Verification of Clear Title! Call; 479-1355 or
e-mail: mail@franktheusedcarguy.com


Check Out HAWAIICARLIST.COM for my latest inventory selections :)


Satisfaction Guaranteed!! No Hidden Fees

Sales Tax Only! All Vehicles are mechanically inspected,
All Have current paperwork, Car-Fax, Kelly Sheets, Titles, etc.,

Serving Hawaii's Auto Buyers and Sellers for Over 20 Years!!

Many Vehicles w/ Factory warranty - Extended Warranties up to
100,000 miles also available! Check Us Out! These prices Are
REAL!! Low Overhead means lower prices for You!


Frank's Day Off!!

800 plus lbs- three cousins
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